Easily Integrate Communications into Your Hospitality Business

Choose hospitality communications solutions that support easy integration and application sharing across locations and offer your staff and guests a seamless experience.

Manage Multiple Locations and Systems

With multiple properties to manage and new purchases on the horizon, the ability to easily integrate and share communications systems is critical for hotels and cruise ships of all sizes. Smart Innovations is ready to help you migrate, consolidate, and simplify your communications solutions so you can reduce costs and operate your business as a unified organization rather than a collection of disparate parts.

Get the Most from Your Hospitality Applications

Using the same hospitality application across multiple properties allows you to deliver a consistent experience for staff and guests and to benefit from economies of scale. Hospitality apps are ideal to offer guests more personalized and responsive services as well as relevant content and promotions that help to increase loyalty and revenue.

Consolidate System Interfaces

Integrate multiple Property Management System (PMS) interfaces into a single, easy-to-use interface with a holistic approach that helps to reduce costs and increase flexibility. Our APIs provide new opportunities to reduce the time and complexity required to deal with a variety of different PMS interfaces

Integration with Key Hospitality Applications

Integrating key hospitality applications, processes, and workflows together elevates your guest experience. Smart Innovations hospitality solutions integrate with call accounting software, ticketing systems, voice assistants, customer experience management applications, and all major PMS applications.