Voice over IP Solutions


We know how vital it is for you to provide the best guest experience while making it as efficient and smooth as possible for your staff to run their daily activities. Whether you are a big hotel in a bustling city square or a series of cottages by a peaceful lake, having flexible and secure communications and collaboration tools are at the heart of the positive experience so crucial to your business.

Reliable and Long-Lasting Solutions

Given the large size and unique interior design of casino hotels, they face specific challenges with guests who are constantly moving or spread across a vast gaming floor. We have developed a wide array of communications, mobility, and contact center solutions to keep staff and players connected wherever they are on the property.

Cruise to Better Communications and Collaboration

Cruise ships are floating hotels or, sometimes, entire floating towns with everything a guest could need. And guests expect the same level of comfort and facilities onboard as they enjoy on land. For cruise ship managers and staff, they face the usual challenges that come with the hospitality industry as well as unique challenges such as the need for on-premise communications solutions, mobile devices, and room phones with a small footprint given the limited cabin space.

Communication is at the core of hospitality

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Superior Guest Experience

Providing a high-quality guest experience is at the core of the hospitality industry and good communication is central to that experience.

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Optimized Operations

Reduce unnecessary complexity and align your communications technology choices to serve guests and optimize hotel staff operations.

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Smooth Collaboration

Offer your staff and guests a seamless communications experience with Smart Innovations collaboration and integration tools.