Adhere to Technology and Aesthetics

2K high-definition picture quality, up to 3 million pixels, 4 times digital zoom in detail to show no distortion, using professional image processing chip Hi3518Ev200, the screen display color is rich and full, and every place is as delicate and real as you can see with your own eyes.

Always pay attention to the elderly and children

Always pay attention to the elderly and children, When the elderly or children are at home alone, they can remotely view the situation of their relatives through the mobile phone, and control the situation at home anytime, anywhere.

Remotely care for pets at home

Pets have a large space for activities and like to hide in corners. The smart PTZ camera has a super wide angle, can clearly and quickly detect pets hiding in corners.

Real-Time two-way intercom as smooth as a phone call

The built-in microphone and loudspeaker after professional debugging can ensure the clear sound, Just press and hold the intercom button to communicate with your family "face to face". Don't miss any important moments of your family.

Giant eye night vision dark night image is like daytime

When the ambient light is dark, it automatically cuts into infrared night vision, with super light sensitivity, Shooting dark night, backlight images, can also present high quality color light images

Ordinary Camera Night Vision

Infrared Night Vision

Shimmer full color

Intelligent crying detection parent-child monitoring without anxiety

When the baby sleeps, he can handle the housework with confidence, and he can know the baby's sleeping status at any time without using it to go back to the nursery.

Two-way Intercom, Watch and Chat

Supports two-way voice calls, and the screen voice is clear and undisturbed. homesick, Just "make a call" at home anytime

AI Smart Eye, Recognize People and Objects Precise Alarm

Can distinguish the difference between the human body and the monitored objects, while being sensitive to the intrusion status, it is not easy to be affected by mosquitoes, flying ants, wind and grass.

AI Humanoid Detection and Monitoring

Reminders will only be sent when someone appears on the screen

Mobile Phone Remote , Monitoring Anytime and Anywhere