Smart Speakers

Smart Home Entertainment System

Large sound cavity, creating excellent bass dive, uncovering the canvas, full of vocal results structure, pay attention to the appearance, and achieve both internal and external repair.

Three-frequency distribution speaker with wide sound field

Subwoofer 10W*2 + midrange speaker 10W + tweeter 10W, 40W three-way frequency configuration, so that the speakers can perform their duties and have clear layers. With the design of double L shaped inverter ducts, the bass is stable and shocking.

Multi-scene atmosphere music

Let smart speaker pad order music for you, set exclusive BGM for the scene, and add more sense of ceremony to the home. Multi-scene atmosphere music library creates an immersive atmosphere experience

Art fan four colors define the new aesthetics of home furnishing

Based on the trend of light luxury art, four colors are selected to make the classic more classic.

Ferrari red

Bold, free and unrestrained, the strong enthusiasm rushing to the face makes people unable to take their eyes off and makes the space full of special interest

Bentley gray

Timeless neutral colors, with a generous temperament and fortitude, embrace demeanor and experience, and understand life better

Dior blue

It has nothing to do with strong and eye-catching, but it is unforgettable and stunning, just like the background sound in the music is intriguing

Hermes orange

Highlight the fashion temperament, embellish a touch of bright colors in the modern home, full of avant-garde playfulness

48mm wall mount

The volume is halved without compromising the sound quality. There is no bloated body of traditional speakers, leaving a large area for a flat and spacious home space.