Smart solutions for more secure enterprises

Increase security and safety for people and property. We delivers the most convenient, flexible and secure access control solutions for all types of commercial property - Offices, Manufacturing, Industrial sites, Airports, Transportation Infrastructures, Government & Public Sector and many more

Keyless smart access for enhanced 24/7 security

Improve safety and security for staff, users, and visitors and gain 24/7 activity oversight with commercial access control like restricting or granting access to resources, such as computer systems, physical spaces, or data, to authorized personnel or entities. Access control allows you to identify the user or entity attempting to access the resource.

Key Facts

Peace of mind. Physical keys are easily lost or copied and expensive to replace. Smart access is safer, more secure, and simpler to manage. 

Full control. Protect your perimeter and any building access point. Specify down to individual level who can access what, and when, in real-time; grant time-controlled access to staff or delivery services remotely.

Intrusion detection. Receive reports on access activity. Be alerted to after-hours access and intruders on site. Protect against theft, vandalism, sabotage, or industrial espionage.

Discover the ultimate keyless experience for Commercial

Our electronic access control systems are the 21st century solution. We combine high levels of wide area security - fine-tuned to an individual level - with flexibility, management simplicity and process and cost optimization for businesses of all types and sizes.