Automated Self-Service Hotels

For the seasoned traveler, smooth and instant check-in and check-out are major attractions. Replacing door keys with a cloud-based access control solution makes everything even easier and faster for your guests. It’s an investment that can go a long way toward protecting your assets.

Installing a single, easy-to-use, keyless system adds to the property very much convenience and speed that guests already appreciate through online self check-in, check-out, re-rooming, and stay-extensions. Automated self-service hotels of all sizes can benefit, enabling guests to avoid front desk queues by receiving their keys digitally – even before their arrival. No delays. No confusion. Just seamless, speedy arrivals and departures – exactly what your guest expects.

Self-Service, 24/7, Smart Front Desk.

Go beyond your guests’ expectations, with minimal manpower. Short stay providers and marketplaces for long-term rentals can now simplify and enhance guest experiences. With keyless, digital access, your offering – from handling enquiries and making bookings to confirming departures – can all be easily managed online, 24/7.

Your guests enjoy the ultimate in seamless, swift ease. Your business gains from the ultimate in efficiency and security.

Manage everything, anywhere.

Operate your hotel access control from any location. Our solutions are available in the cloud, and accessible on any device. Maintenance and cleaning staff can work faster, free from the hassle of collecting, carrying and returning keys. You can make changes to who can access where and when – wherever you are, whenever you want. Everything’s easier for your guests, your staff, your suppliers and you.

Analyze data to drive revenue.

Maximize your ROI. Define your billing cycle. Understand when your busiest times are. Identify the best times for maintenance activities, and enhance guests’ experience such as delivering a complimentary gift to build satisfaction and loyalty. 

Our cloud-based technology and mobile solutions for the hospitality sector not only elevate your guests’ experiences but also enable you to optimize room occupancy, common areas, and meeting spaces.