Convention and Conference Hotels

Whether it’s a major convention, large conference venue or limited seating workshop, training session or presentation, customers demand smooth, flawless experiences delivered in secure environments.

Smart Innovations wire-free access control solutions offer flexibility and scalability for events of any size, in any location. Offering simple, reliable guest, visitors and back-of-house access management, Smart Innovations ensures seamless but controlled accessibility for professionals, visitors and guests.

Easy integration capabilities with existing on-site security devices and partners’ event tech including booking and local-area communication systems makes Smart Innovations the perfect choice, combining stringent safety and security for guests, visitors as well as staff with optimum management capabilities.

Smart locks fit different types of doors.

Hotels equipped with conference rooms, meeting rooms and convention rooms face numerous challenges. Convention venues have large spaces, freight doors for access to event rooms, evacuation and emergency exits, public walkways through the venue and other unique physical layouts that demand reliable electronic locking solutions for every type of doors to guarantee accessibility, safety and controlled access to travelers and attendees.

Safety Challenges are covered.

Events present a daunting array of security challenges. They can involve hundreds or thousands of people, in different roles (hosts, attendees, technical support, wait staff, security), all requiring access to different areas. Multi-day events involve managing access for different people on different days. Event spaces are often large and densely populated with multiple public doors plus freight doors and complex access ways.

Advanced Smart Innovations access solutions are proven to deliver the stringent security and high level of flexibility required to meet these unique demands. Smart Innovations reliable, scalable electronic locking works for every type of door or accessway, to maximize accessibility, simplify management, and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Seamless Integration.

Smart Innovations systems integrate seamlessly with event software tools and other technology solutions, making it easy to combine and incorporate third-party services for greater efficiency and security. For example, integration with booking/reservation and check-in tools means attendees can confirm their registration and receive their digital ticket before their arrival, saving reception staff and avoiding queues.

Organizers can quickly and securely control attendee access to specific areas, by time if desired, by pre-programming individuals’ digital access credentials.