Budget Hotels

Travelers spending more on experiences and less on accommodation still prefer – and gift their all-important online recommendations to – hotels offering quality experiences. At the same time, budget hotels face a constant battle managing costs down to maintain their market position. Smart Innovations access control solutions are an ideal solution, helping operators enhance guest experiences while keeping costs low.

Our Innovative solutions reduce costs by eliminating physical keys and electro-magnetic systems. They enable seamless, modern guest experiences and enhance security across your property. They’re also futureproofed, easy to scale for new locations or extra sites.

Easy Installation, Futureproofed.

Smart Innovations eliminates the costs and problems associated with traditional keys or magnetic locks by enabling intelligent access on any door, however unusual or non-standard.

There’s no hard-wiring, and no major software either — Our system integrates with industry-standard Property Management Systems so it connects to whatever you currently have in place.

future-proofs your locking infrastructure with a cloud-based platform that provides flexibility to scale, as needed, in whatever locations – even across multiple sites.

Improved Guest Experiences & Security.

Smart Innovations lets you offer guests more professional, digitally connected experiences.

They can enjoy smartphone convenience to check-in or out, modify their booking and access whatever facilities they’re entitled to. They can even access digital keys ahead of time to save them queueing at your front desk, a real irritant in busy properties.

Our system also improves security. It gives you full control of who can access each area, at whatever times you specify. You can add/revoke permissions, and cancel lost/stolen smartphone accesses or keycards, in real-time. ‘Wandering intruder’ alerts and integration with existing CCTV further enhance security for guests and staff. Audit trails provide valuable insight to help you identify security risks and improve access flow.

Cost Savings.

In the crowded, highly competitive budget hotel market, managing costs is vital for maintaining low room rates and competitive advantage.

Smart Innovations solutions eliminate the costs of replacing lost keys and maintaining magnetic access systems. They’re economical to deploy, retrofitting easily to existing doors, and connecting with existing Property Management Systems. Cloud-based flexibility to scale ensures economical solutions for future expansion of your locking infrastructure